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Welcome to TEAM SEBRING!

Team Sebring plays a major role in the organization and success of all events at Sebring Raceway. As a member of our team, you may staff various locations inside the track, at gates, checking tickets, credentials and parking stickers for proper entry to different locations. The primary role of Team Sebring is to welcome all guests and assist them with questions and guidelines to ensure the best experience ever!

Team Sebring Rules of Membership are:

  1. Find the Yes, Do what's easy for our Guest(s) Not what's easy for you.
  2. Create Fun, Take Pride, Give back, Exceed Expectations.
  3. Who have no criminal record, either misdemeanor or felony.
  4. Exhibit Integrity, Fuel Passion, Honor our History, and
  5. No SELLING of Team Sebring Credentials, violating this rule you will not be allowed to volunteer at any raceway event in the future.

Team Sebring is NOT SECURITY. We are pleasant and informed. Our primary role is to assist our guests with their needs and to allow them the best experience as a host.

Most areas require standing and chairs are NOT allowed while working your shift.

You are required to volunteer two 6 hour shifts to receive two credentials and a general car pass ( working credential is the same as a regular four- day ticket). Supervisors will receive a north paddock car pass.

We always welcome new members and are very thankful for those “seasoned veterans” who come back year after year!

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